Activities for children in Piglets Class:


EYFS Fine Motor Skills


Maths (All Ages)


This fantastic website with maths games for all year groups. You can search by age to access the games most suitable for your child.


The children are used to watching Numberblocks in school, via the BBC iPlayer, it is recommended to support early mathematical understanding. There is also useful info available on the CBeebies website


Maths (Reception)


Music and Movement



Phonics – Reception/Year 1


Phonics – Pre-recorded lessons

Below are some pre-recorded phonics lessons you can enjoy at home. You can also find details of daily LIVE phonics lessons in the phonics folder on this page.

Reception – watch set 2 sounds

Year One – watch set 2 and 3 sounds (not all set 3 are available at this time)

Remember to have your phonics cards ready to join in!

Set 2 Sounds

  1. ay – may I play?
  2. ee – what can you see?
  3. igh – fly high
  4. ow – blow the snow
  5. oo – poo at the zoo
  6. oo – look at a book
  7. ar – start the car
  8. or – shut the door (still use this lesson but we use the phrase β€˜storms in the north’)
  9. air – that’s not fair
  10. ir – whirl and twirl
  11. ou – shout it out
  12. oy – toy for a boy

Set 3 Sounds

  1. ea – cup of tea
  2. oi – spoil the boy
  3. a-e – make a cake
  4. i-e – nice smile
  5. o-e – phone home
  6. u-e – huge brute
  7. aw – yawn at dawn
  8. are – care and share
  9. ur – nurse with a purse
  10. er – a better letter


Piglets English


Year 1 Science


Year 1 English Writing


Year 1 English SPAG

Please complete one activity per week


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